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“At Amaral Tellawi Law, our personal approach makes us different, our diligence makes us successful.”

Thais Amaral Tellawi

​Founding Attorney

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Small Business Services

Houston Small Business Law Firm

Amaral Tellawi Law, in Houston, Texas, is a boutique family-owned law firm representing individuals, families, and the owners of small, privately held companies.

Our attorneys have extensive ​experience ​providing the following small business services:

Our founding attorney, Thais Amaral Tellawi established Amaral Tellawi Law to cater to the unique personal and business needs of a large, but under-served population: people just like us.

We take pride in working with self-employed entrepreneurs, young professional couples, and others who seek to generate, grow, and preserve wealth through private business.

We provide a level of advice unmatched by generic, do it yourself websites and practitioners unfamiliar with the unique needs & considerations of small business owners.

Our transactional and advisory services are designed around small business owners, taking into consideration both the legal and business implications of decisions & relationships.  Most of our business services offer flat fee and hourly options, providing further flexibility.

Before you sign on the dotted line, let an Amaral Tellawi attorney help ensure you get what you bargained for.

The Importance of Estate Planning

for the Small Business Owner

As small business owners, planning for the proper formation, operation, and succession of our businesses is not enough.

A complete, effective estate plan addresses not only our businesses, but also includes well-drafted and customized wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other critical personal documents.

A well-rounded estate plan accounts for:

Transfer and control of your non-business assets
Business succession planning (buy/sell agreements)
Care of your minor or incapacitated children in the event of your death or disability
Healthcare preferences & the appointment of powers of attorney in the event of your disability or death
Post-life considerations including burial and other wishes
Achieving charitable goals & causes