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What is Probate anyway?

Probate can be a very complicated and often emotional process.  When a loved one – your spouse,
​parent, sibling, friend – has died the process of validating their Will or determining their heirs is
​referred to as Probate. 

Texas is a Probate friendly state. This means the Probate process in Texas is general inexpensive,
and fast.  There are different probate procedures available depending on the types of assets held by
the estate.

Those procedures can include: Probate as a Dependent or Independent Administration, Probate
of a Will as Muniment of Title (used only for transfer of a homestead property), Small Estate Affidavit
(used in limited circumstances for Estates under $50,000 exclusive of the value of the homestead),
​Affidavit of Heirship, among others.

A qualified probate attorney can help you determine what probate procedure is right for the estate.

The struggle for most folks is where to begin. AT Law has some resources to help:
1. What Now? Representative’s Checklist - a helpful first step for many who were unsure where to start. 
2. Probate Document Checklist - a list of documents to gather for an appointment with a probate attorney.
3. Who Inherits If you Don't Have a Will thanks to Judge Herman in Travis County.

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